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Girl’s Day profile

Girl’s Day (걸스데이)
Entertainment company: Dream Tea Entertainment
Debut: July 5, 2010
Fan Club: Dai5y

Birth Name: Park So Jin

Stage Name: Sojin

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Birthday: May 21, 1986

Education: Yeongnam University – Mechanical Engineering

Blood Type: AB

Height: 167 cm (5 Feet 5 Inches)

Weight: 47 kg

Hobbies: Cleaning, searching for a good song, writing music, browsing Youtube video, shopping, eating snacks, playing piano

Skills: Piano, calligraphy

Favorite Color: black, white, purple

Siblings: younger brother

Personality: Clear likes and dislikes. Really cheerful. Sadness and anger is clearly expressed. Endures anything that can be endured.

Fun Facts:
-Can impersonate a monkey
-She likes to knit
-One of the 8 girls among 800 students in her engineering class
-Her favorite foods are Beef, Chicken, Seafood.
-She knows how to put together a car.


*former member*

Birth Name: Woo Ji Hae

Stage Name: Jihae

Position: Girl’s Day ‘Power Dance’, Rapper

Birthday: May 14, 1989

Education: Sungkyunkwan University – Dance

Blood Type: B

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 43 kg

Hobbies: Music appreciation, shopping, exercising (gym), yoga

Skills: Korean dance, modern dance, ballet, hiking/climbing

Favorite Color: White, gray, black

Siblings: only child

Personality: Quiet and frank, temperamental


Birth Name: Kim Ah Young

Stage Name: Yura

Position: Lead Dancer

Birthday: November 6, 1992

Education: Ulsan Art High School

Blood Type: O

Height: 168 cm  (5 Feet 6 Inches)

Weight: 49 kg

Hobbies: Painting, dancing, listening to music

Personality: Cheerful, lively and positive

Skills: Outstanding dance skills

Favorite Color: strawberry milk color

-She plays computer games.
-Her ideal type is someone who has a sense of humor, attentive and likes truly loves her.
-Her role model is Lee Seung Gi.
-She loves meat.
-Her favorite number is 7
-Her favorite quote is “This too shall pass.”


Birth Name: Bang Min Ah

Stage Name: Minah

: Lead Vocalist, Face of The Group

: May 13, 1993

Education: Dongguk Women’s University

Blood Type: O

Height: 165 cm (5 Feet 4 Inches)

Weight: 47 kg

Hobbies: Watching movies, dancing, listening to music, making facial expressions

Skills: Acting cute, piano, dancing, singing, impersonating Lena Park

Personality: Seems easy going but more timid than most

Favorite Color: Red

Siblings: older sister

Fun Facts
-Notebook is her favorite movie
-She likes spicy food
-Her ideal type is a guy who has sense and listens.
-Her role models are Beyonce, Lee Hyori, and Kim Dong Ryul l.
-Her motto is “You get what you put into it“.
-Shes friends with Rainbow’s JaeKyung.
-She known as the female kkab version of 2AM‘s Jo Kwon.
-She was featured in Chinese boy group HIT-5‘s MV for“Paleni/Scared of You“


Birth Name: Lee Hye Ri

Stage Name: Hyeri

Nickname: Big Laugh Hyeri

Position: Maknae, Lead Dancer

Birthday: June 9, 1994

Education: Seoul Performing Arts High School

Blood Type: AB

Height: 167 cm  (5 Feet 5 Inches)

Weight: 46 kg

Hobbies: Watching movies, reading books

Skills: Marathon, writing

Personality: So cool ~~ but easily hurt and softie with a lot of tears

Favorite Color: black, red, purple

Siblings: younger sister

Fun Facts:
-Her hobbies are watching movies and reading a book.
-She doesn’t like cold and stairs.
-Her favorite numbers are 3, 6, and 9
-Favorite colors are Black, Red and Purple.
-She loves Sushi
-Her role model is Um Jung Hwa.
-She likes thriller and action movies.
-Favorite motto is “Don’t start something you’re going to give up on“.




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Block B profile

from left to right: Jaehyo, Kyung, U-kwon, Zico, B-bomb, Taeil and P.O

Block B (블락비)
Entertainment Company: Stardom Entertainment
Stands For: BlockBuster
Debut: April 14, 2011
Fan Club: BBC (Block B Club)
Fan Color: Purple

Stage Name: Zico  (지코)

Birth Name: Woo Ji Ho  (우지호)

Position: Leader, Main Rapper & Composer

Date of Birth: September 14, 1992

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Blood Type: O

Education: Attending Seoul Music High School

Hobbies: Shopping, reading, watching American comedies

Specialties: Freestyle rap, composing, weaving melody lines

Fun facts
– He is Co-Ed School’s Taewoon’s younger brother
– He has lived in Canada, Japan, and China
– He is a former SM Entertainment trainee
– Childhood friends with Kyung
– He really likes Hello Kitty


Stage Name: Taeil (태일)

Birth Name: Lee Tae Il (이태일)

Position: Main Vocalist

Date of Birth: September 24, 1990

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Blood Type: AB

Education: Digital Seoul Culture Arts University

Hobbies: Collecting hats and fishing

Specialties: Singing

Fun facts:
– Has the hardest time with choreography
– Hates being woken up
– Once slept in the bathtub until 4AM, he only woke up because he was cold
– He thinks his eyes are his worst trait because they’re too small so he wears sunglasses and hats often
– He trained the shortest amount of time out of all the members but he had lots of vocal training independently


Stage Name: B-Bomb (비범)

Birth Name: Lee Min Hyuk (이민혁)

Position: Vocalist and Main Dancer

Date of Birth: December 14, 1990

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood Type: A

Education: Induk University as a Broadcasting Major

Hobbies: Playing the piano, collecting fashion photoshoots

Specialties: Dancing (Popping and Hip Hop)

Fun facts:
– He was previously trained to be a member of Infinite
– Has a habit of going to sleep and one position and waking up in that same exact position
– Kyung and Zico says he’s the most interested in porn
– Stays after to help Taeil with choreography
– Afraid of heights
– He showers the longest according to the other members


Stage Name: Jaehyo (재효)

Birth Name: Ahn Jae Hyo (안재효)

Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of The Group

Date of Birth: December 23, 1990

Birthplace: Busan, South Korea

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood Type: A

Education: Withdrew from Seoul Art College as a Music Application major

Hobbies: Basketball, baseball

Specialties: Singing and business affairs

Fun facts:
– Former trainee for J.Tune Entertainment, Cube Entertainment (possibly for B2ST), and LOEN Entertainment
– He is friends with MBLAQ’s Joon, IU, CN Blue’s Yonghwa, and Rainbow
– He was an internet ulzzang
– Can’t live without his electronics
– Showers the least
– Often wears a Pikachu costume
– He really likes A Pink
– He’s very confident about his looks
– Uses BB Cream a lot


Stage Name: U-Kwon (유권)

Birth Name: Kim Yoo Kwon (김유권)

Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Date of Birth: April 9, 1992

Birthplace: Suwon, South Korea

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Blood Type: A

Education: Graduataed from Anyang Technical High School

Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, reading

Specialties: Dancing and playing electic guitar

Fun facts:
– He once tried out for JYP Entertainment
– Likes the anime One Peace
– Can dance while beat boxing
– Cleans the most
– Keeps his mother’s picture in his wallet
– He was the 1st member to ab flash after their debut
– He and Taeil are considered the awkward pair of Block B
– He likes cats
– He has an older brother who he claims looks just like him

Stage Name: Kyung  (경)

Birth Name: Park Kyung  (박경)

Position: Lead Rapper, Composer

Date of Birth: July 8, 1992

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Blood Type: B

Education: Kamo High School

Hobbies: Web surfing

Specialties: Rap and composing

Fun facts:
– Speaks fluent English
– Went to school in New Zealand
– He was childhood friends with Zico


Stage Name: P.O. (피오)

Birth Name: Pyo Ji Hoon (표지훈)

Position: Rapper, Maknae

Date of Birth: February 2, 1993

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Blood Type: B

Education: Attending Hanrim Entertainment Arts High School

Hobbies: Acting

Specialties: Composing, rapping

Fun Facts:
Admires 2NE1’s Dara and F(X)’s Sulli
Played soccer when he was younger
Thinks Kyung has no flaws
Loves Nachos
He likes shopping
He can beatbox
Members agree he plays the most pranks
He’s shy around girls usually


August 21, 2013.


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Big Bang profile

from left to right: Daesung, Taeyang, G-Dragon, Seungri, TOP

Big Bang (빅뱅)
Entertainment Company: YG Entertainment
Debut: August 19, 2006
Fan Club: VIP
Fan Color: Black and Yellow

Birth Name: Kwon Ji Yong (권지용)

Stage Name: G-Dragon  (지드래곤)

Birthday: August 18, 1988

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Composer, Face of The Group

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Blood Type: A

Fun facts: 
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea
– In 2009 he did a solo album called “Heartbreaker” and got much success from it
– In 2010 he did a album with T.O.P called “GD&T.O.P” and they had three singles called “High High”, “Oh Yeah” , and “Knock Out”
– He is a former trainee of S.M. Entertainment
– He is a childhood friend of T.O.P
– He has one older sister
– G-Dragon comes from his original name “Ji Yong” Because Ji sounds like the English letter G and Yong means Dragon
– “Lies” was supposed to be GD’s solo since he wrote it but they ended up singing it as a group
– His childhood friend is Kangin from Super Junior


Birth Name: Choi Seung Hyun (최승현)

Stage Name: T.O.P (The Official Pimp) (탑)

Birthday: November 4, 1987

Position: Lead Rapper, Beat-Boxer

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Blood Type: B

– He was born in Seoul, South Korea
– In 2010 he did a album with G-Dragon called “GD&T.O.P” and they had three singles called “High High”, “Oh Yeah” , and “Knock Out”
– He is a childhood friend of G-Dragon
– He first rejected by YG because they said he was too over weight to be an idol. So he went home and lost 20 kg in 40 days.
– His stage name T.O.P was given to him by Se7en
– He has a older sister
– Acted in I Am Same, Nineteen, Iris and 71: Into The Fire
– Awarded at the 47th Daejong Film Awards for Hallyu Popularity
– Won Style Icon Awards for Best New Actor
– Won 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best New Actor
– Won 31st Blue Dragon Film awards for Popularity
– Won Max Movie Award for Best New Actor
– Won 47th PaekSang award for Best New Actor
– Won 47th PaekSang Award for Popularity Award (Actor in a Motion Picture)


Birth Name: Dong Young Bae (동영배)

Stage Name: Taeyang  (태양)

Birthday: May 18, 1988

Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Blood Type: AB

Instruments: Piano

Fun facts:
– He was born in Ujeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
– His stage name Taeyang means Solar
– First in the group to make his solo debut
– He likes Summer
– He speak English and Japanese
– He likes reading Manhwa’s (Korean comics)
– One older brother
– He was a child actor in 5th grade


Birth Name: Kang Dae Sung (강대성)

Stage Name: D-Lite

Birthday: April 26, 1989

Position: Main Vocalist

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Blood Type: O

Fun facts:
– He was born in Incheon, South Korea
– He is close friends with fellow label mate Gummy
– One older sister
– When picking the members of Big Bang he almost wasn’t picked because people thought he was too ugly
– While a trainee he was diagnosed with Vocal Cord Nodules. In the fall of 2006 it got worse so he had to undergo treatment before the realase of BIG BANG Album
Gummy, who had been in the same situation with the Vocal Cord Nodules, helped Daesung recover and manage his condition.
– Played in the drama “What’s Up”
– He’s very good at variety
– Good at imitations
– Has a good sense of humor
-In 2007 he quit high school to focus full-time on Big Bang
– Was involved in a car wreck in 2011 that halted Big Bang’s activities. The Motorcyclist involved died and Daesung went through a lot. Everything worked its self out and Daesung didn’t have to serve any time for it.


Birth Name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)

Stage Name: Seungri @ VI (Victory)  (승리)

Birthday: December 12, 1990

Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Choreographer, Maknae

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood Type: A

Fun facts:
– He was born in Gwangju, South Korea
– He is known for his dance skills
– He released his first mini album called “VVIP” in 2011
– Entered a competition called Battle Shinhwa but was rejected because his vocals weren’t that impressive at the time
– He likes foreign languages
– One younger sibling
– Called panda or baby panda because of the dark circles under his eyes
– His highest score in high school was 85%
– His highest middle school score was 81%
– Acted in the move Nineteen along with T.O.P


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Beast / B2ST profiles


BEAST or B2ST (비스트)
Stands for: Boys of the East Standing Tall or Boys to Search for Top
Entertainment Company: Cube Entertainment
Debut: October 16, 2009
Fan Club: B2UTY
Fan Color: Dark Gray

Birth Name: Yoon Doo Joon (윤두준)

Stage Name: Dujun  (두준)

Birthday: July 4, 1989

Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Soccer

Specialty: Soccer

Height: 178CM (5 Feet 10 Inches)

Weight: 66KG (145 Pounds)

Education: Dongshin University

Fun facts:
– He was born in Goyang, South Korea
– He is a former JYP Entertainment and was almost a member of either 2AM or 2PM but he was eliminated
– He once won an award for his neat handwriting
– He was ranked top as the male celebrity with a good body figure
– He does not believe in quitting after a failure
– When the comedy MV version of Mystery came out, people praised him for his skill as an actor
– Big Bang inspired him to become a singer
– He won third place in JYP audition


Birth Name: Jang Hyun Seung  (장현승)

Stage Name: Hyunseung (현승)

Birthday: September 3, 1989

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Blood Type: B

Hobby: Singing

Specialty: Dancing

Height:176CM (5 Feet 9 Inches)

Weight: 58KG (127 Pounds)

Education: Dongshin University

Fun facts
– He was born in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
– He is a former YG trainee, and he was supposed to debut with BIGBANG, but he was dropped by the record label
– He is in the group Trouble Maker along with fellow label mate HyunA of 4Minute
– He likes attention from fans
– He likes junk food
– During their debut days the member’s mission was to make Hyunseung gain wait
– He speaks with eye contact with his fans
– If you meet him in the waiting room he’s always eating something
– He likes to wear scarves and neckwear
– He loves to mix-match classic and sporty clothes together
– He said he could entrust Yoseob with his younger sister since Yoseob has the least interactions with women
– Seo Taji and Boys inspired him to become a singer
– He wanted to get a tattoo when Jun Hyung was getting his but the company wouldn’t allow him
– When he is stressed he wants to be left alone
– He thinks Doo Joon is very charismatic

Birth Name: Yong Jun Hyung (용준형)

Stage Name: Junhyung (준형)

Nicknames: Joker, Poppin’ Dragon

Birthday: December 19, 1989

Position: Main Rapper

Blood Type: O

Hobby: Song composition

Specialty: Writing lyrics

Height: 178CM (5 Feet 10 Inches)

Weight: 64KG (141 Pounds)

Education: Dongshin University

Fun facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea
– He was once a member of boy band “XING”
– He has been featured on many songs such as HyunA’s “Change”, G.NA’s “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better”, Young Jee’s “Crazy, That’s What Love Is”, Navi’s “Go Again”, and Wheesung’s “Words That Freeze My Heart”
– Each member has a different color toothbrush so he likes to rearrange them according to the rainbow
– He makes sure there is enough shampoo to be used weekly and makes sure they never run out of shaving cream
– Second laziest to get out of bed
– He looks up to G-Dragon the most
– He always wants to be with the members, was said that he can’t be separated from them for more than a week
– He originally specialized in B-Boy but after dislocating his shoulders the 3rd time he switched to popping
– Instead of singing in the shower, he raps
– He nags while he cleans
– He’s the member that hates losing the most
– He composes the raps parts in some of their songs and composed the song “Freeze” on their first album


Birth Name: Yang Yo Seob (양요섭)

Stage Name: Yoseob (요섭)

Birthday: January 5, 1990

Position: Main Vocalist

Blood Type: B

Hobby: Drumming

Specialty: Singing by sweet voice

Height: 170CM (5 Feet 6 Inches)

Weight: 57KG (125 Pounds)

Education: Dong-Ah Institute of Media & Arts

Fun facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea
– He is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment and M Boat Entertainment
– He is a high school friend of Kikwang
– He is a former back up dancer for Kikwang
– He did a song with B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk called “I Remember”
– He has a habit of beat boxing while sleeping
– He use to wake up Junhyun by standing by his bed, singing and dancing to Hyunah’s song “Change”
– During primary school his parents were called to school has he exposed the fact that his teacher was wearing a wig
– When he was about to fall down on stage he grabbed Doo Joon’s pants, pulling them down and revealing his underwear
– He likes to act like the maknae
– He was in a metal band in High School


Birth Name: Lee Gi Kwang (이기광)

Stage Name: Gikwang (기광)

Birthday: March 30, 1990

Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of The Group

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Song composition

Specialty: Singing, dancing

Height: 170.8CM (5 Feet 7 Inches)

Weight: 58KG (127 Pounds)

Education: Dongshin University

Fun facts:
– He first debuted as a solo singer and went by the name AJ, he was known as the next Rain
– In 2009 he opened up for Lady Gaga at her Korean showcase
– He is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment
– He was in A Pink’s MV “I Don’t Know”
– He was in Ailee’s debut MV “Heaven”
– The members told him not to do any adlibs and instead rip his clothes on stage
– He is allergic to seafood
– He jokes around saying he wants to marry Hyunseung
– He is the most gullible
– He won a poll in “Which star’s short figure is the most charming”


Birth Name: Son Dong Woon (손동운)

Stage Name: Dongwoon (동운)

Birthday: June 6, 1991

Position: Vocalist, Maknae

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Collecting figure

Specialty: Writing lyrics

Height: 181CM (5 Feet 11 Inches)

Weight: 64KG (141 Pounds)

Education: Konkuk University

instruments: Piano, violin, electric flute

Fun facts:
– He was born in Busan, South Korea
– He can speak Korean, English, and Chinese
– He is a former JYP Entertainment trainee
– He was the last member to be added to BEAST
– Teased jokingly by fans for looking Thai
– Ideal type is a girl with naturally long hair and a compatible personality
– Friends with Mir (MBLAQ) and Key (SHINee) and the rest of the 91 Line
– Was the mood maker of his class
– He carries around his fan letters
– He likes to read a lot
– His hero is his dad and Wolverine
– He’s a big fan of Once Piece’s Chopper
– He has a low self-esteem even though he calls himself “Male God”
– He says he is the captain of the 91 Line but he gets bullied around a lot and treated like a baby
– He’s very clumsy
– Despite his appearances he is pretty immature and silly
– He’s a big fan on Wheesung and he was the one who inspired Dongwoon to become an idol
– He was chosen as the member who has the best relationship with everyone
– Admitted he felt like he is the loneliest member in the group


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Brown eyed girls profile

Brown Eyed Girls (브라운 아이드 걸스)
Entertainment Company: Loen Entertainment / Nega Network
Debut: March 2, 2006 (Not Positive)
Fan Club: Everlasting
Fan Color: Yellow

Birth Name: Kim Hyo Jin (김효진)

Stage Name: Jea (제아)

Birthday: September 18, 1981

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Blood Type:O

Hobbies: Piano

Height: 159CM (5 Feet 2 Inches)

Weight: 46KG (101 Pounds)

Fun Facts:
– Loves Batman
– Has a younger brother
– Favorite color is Pink


Birth Name: Jo Mi Hae (조미혜)

Stage Name: Miryo (미료)

Birthday: November 2, 1981

Position: Main Rapper

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Guitar, Listening to music

Height: 163CM (5 Feet 4 Inches)

Weight: 45KG (99 Pounds)

Fun Facts:
Has a younger brother
Studied in Vancouver for 9 months
Made her solo debut in 2012
Was chosen as a municipal genius in school


Birth Name: Park Hyo Jin  (박효진)

Stage Name: Narsha  (나르샤)

Birthday: December 28, 1981

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Piano, Collecting CDs

Height: 158CM (5 Feet 1 Inch)

Weight: 48KG (105 Pounds)

Fun Facts:
Has had more than five male celebrities ask her out
Her name “Narsha” means “to fly up” in middle Korean
Made her solo debut in 2010
Has been on Immortal Song 2
Doesn’t want to show her future husband her face with no makeup


Birth Name: Son Ga In  (손가인)

Stage Name: Gain (가인)

Birthday: September 20, 1987

Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer, Maknae, Face of The Group

Blood Type: B

Hobbies: Interior designing, Dancing, Watching movies

Height: 163CM (5 Feet 4 Inches)

Weight: 43KG (94 Pounds)

Fun Facts:
Appeared in Psy’s “Gentleman” MV
Went solo in 2010
Appeared on “We Got Married” with 2AM’s Jo Kwon and were known as “The Adam Couple”
Made her acting debut in the sitcom “All My Love”


August, 12 2013

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B.A.P profiles

B.A.P (비에이피)
Stands For: Best Absolute Perfect
Entertainment Company: TS Entertainment
Debut: January 26, 2012
Fan Club: Baby
Fan Color: Spring Green

Birth Name: Bang Yong Guk

Stage Name: Yongguk


Nickname: Inversion Rapper

Position: Leader, Main Rapper

Birth Date: March 31, 1990

Blood Type: O

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Education: KyungHee Cyber University

Hobbies: Baseball, basketball, playing by himself

Special Talents: Writing songs and lyrics, composing

Personality: Tough, brusque

Fun Facts:

– His respected musician is 1TYM’s Teddy.

– Yongguk is apparently awkward when he’s alone together with Daehyun.

– He shares the same top bunk beds with Jongup and Himchan.

– Each of them has their respective chores, and Yongguk manages what goes on in the dorm.

– He is the closest to Himchan.

– Although he is brusque, but he is very softhearted and cries often.

– During the MV shooting for “Warrior” he was burnt by the fire to the point his eyebrows were gone

– If B.A.P were a family, he’d be the dad.

– He didn’t know how to talk until he was 5 years old.

– He is a member of the underground hip hop crew, “Soul Connection” with stage name “Jepp Blackman”.

-He was born in Incheon, South Korea

-He has a twin brother named Youngnam who is also an underground performer

– He was featured in Secret’s MV: “Shy Boy” & “Starlight Moonlight”.

– He was released his solo single titled “I Remember” with B2ST’s Yoseob & “Going Crazy” with Secret’s Song Ji Eun.


Birth Name: Kim Him Chan

Stage Name: Himchan

Bunny: Pink (TATSMATO)

Nickname: Instrument Ulzzang

Position: Sub-Vocalist, Rapper, Face of The Group

Birth Date: April 19, 1990

Blood Type: O

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Personality: Gentle, against war, peacemaker. Cheerful and a bit hyperactive.

Education: National School for Traditional Music

Fun Facts:

– He shares the same top bunk beds with Jongup and Yongguk.

– He is the closest to Yongguk.

– Each of them has their respective chores, and Himchan throws out the garbage.

– Himchan’s sister is very interested in B.A.P and she even designed the members’ signatures.

– He was featured in Jung Seulki’s MV: “Back in Plack Again”, Secret’s MV: “Shy Boy” & “Starlight Moonlight”, Song Ji Eun‘s MV: “Going Crazy” and Bang & Zelo‘s MV: “Never Give Up”.

– If B.A.P were a family, he’d be the mom.



Birth Name: Jung Dae Hyun

Stage Name: Daehyun

Bunny: White (KEKEMATO)

Nickname: Busan’s Won Bin

Position: Main Vocalist

Birth Date: June 28, 1993

Blood Type: A

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Hometown: Busan

Personality: Shy, Tough

Education: Nataraja Academy, Busan

Fun Facts:

– He began dreaming of being a singer when he saw TVXQ/DBSK perform

– He gets nervous when he’s around his fans

– His respected singer is 4Men’s Shin Yongjae.

– He is the closest to Youngjae.

– He shares the same bottom bunk beds with Zelo and Youngjae.

– Daehyun is apparently awkward when he’s alone together with Yongguk.

– He was the last member to join B.A.P

– Each of them has their respective chores, and Daehyun cleans the restroom.

– He speaks with a very heavy Busan dialect.

– If B.A.P were a family, he’d be the oldest son.


Birth Name: Yoo Young Jae

Stage Name: Youngjae

Bunny: Yellow (JOKOMATO)

Nickname: Brain

Position: Lead Vocalist

Birth Date: January 24, 1994

Blood Type: AB

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Personality: Calm but a person who has lots of ups and downs

Education: Politic Industry High School

Fun Facts:

– He shares the same bottom bunk beds with Daehyun and Zelo.

– He is the closest to Daehyun.

– He was a trainee at JYP for a year then joined TS

– Each of them has their respective chores, and Youngjae keeps everything organized.

– He loves electronic gadgets a lot.

– He also like finding things and explaining them to the members.

– He is a big fan of Jay Park

– He doesn’t want his future girlfriend to wear revealing clothing.

– If B.A.P were a family, he’d be the mom (he says that Himchan may say he is, but in reality Youngjae is).


Birth Name: Moon Jong Up

Stage Name: Jongup

Bunny: Green (DADAMATO)

Nickname: Dance Shindong

Birth Date: February 6, 1995

Blood Type: B

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Position: Sub-Vocalist & Main Dancer

Personality: Shy

Education: Hanlim Arts High School

Fun Facts:

– His respected musician is Chris Brown.

– He shares the same bottom bunk beds with Yongguk and Himchan.

– He is the closest to Zelo.

– He was born in Seoul, South Korea

– Each of them has their respective chores, and Jongup does the dishes.

– Also known as the awkward in the group.

– If B.A.P were a family, he’d be the second oldest son.

– He was featured in Secret’s MV: “Shy Boy” & “Starlight Moonlight”, and Bang & Zelo’s MV: “Never Give Up”.



Birth Name: Choi Jun Hong

Stage Name: Zelo

Bunny: Blue (TOTOMATO)

Nickname: 15-Year Old Genius

Position: Maknae, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

Birth Date: October 15, 1996

Blood Type: A

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Specialty: Rap, dance, beatbox

Personality: Introspective

Education: Sungdae Middle School

Fun Facts:

– His ideal type of woman is a person who’s good at English & have pretty smile.

– His respected musicians are Kanye West and

– His favorite movie is 2012.

– He shares the same bottom bunk beds with Daehyun and Youngjae.

– He is the tallest in B.A.P although he is the youngest

– He is the closest to Jongup.

– Each of them has their respective chores, and Zelo does the laundry.

– Since Zelo is the maknae, he has to wash last and as a result he gets tired of waiting and falls asleep again.

– Also known as the “Fighter Robot” of B.A.P.

– His stage name comes from the Greek god “Zelos”, which is the god of rivalry.  He was named that because of how hard he worked amongst all his hyungs.

– If B.A.P were a family, he’d be the cute and pure maknae who gets the most love from his hyungs.


August 6 2013

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B1A4 profiles

from left to right; Sandeul, Baro, Jinyoung, Gongchan, CNU

B1A4 (비원에이포)
Stands for: One Blood Type B, Four Blood Type A
Be the One, All for One
Entertainment Company: WM Entertainment
Debut: April 21, 2011
Fan Club: Bana
Fan Color: Pastel Apple Lime

Birth Name: Jung Jin Young

Stage Name: Jinyoung

Position: Lead Vocalist & Leader

Birthday: November 18, 1991

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 59 kg

Blood Type: A

Star Sign: Scorpio

Skills: Song writing, singing, acting

Fun facts:

– He’s good at playing the guitar
– Compossed Bling Girl for their 1st mini album
– During his trainee days he thought it would be great if a song he made could go into the group’s album so he started to compose
– He’s good at mimicking a helicopter
– He ranks himself as the 3rd most handsome member in the ggroup
– His number 1 treasure is his laptop


Birth Name: Shin Dong Woo

Stage Name: CNU

Position: Vocalist & Rapper

Blood Type: A

Birthday: June 16,  1991

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Star Sign: Gemini

Fun facts:

– Usher is his role model
– Likes basketball and soccer
– He accidently hit the actress in their O.K MV with the basketball
– He tends to oversleep
– He hates bugs
– The three most important things to him are his memories, family and music
– He cannot resist buying clothes, shoes or glasses
– His idol type of son is Jin Young


Birth Name: Lee Jung Hwan

Stage Name: Sandeul

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: March 20, 1992

Blood Type: A

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Star Sign: Pisces

Fun facts:

– Likes to cook and swim
– The first member who appeared on worldwide trending topic on twitter
– He was the last to be added to the group
– Known for his cute eye smiles
– He hates spiders
– The cat that he played with during Beautiful Target almost bit him


Birth Name: Cha Sun Woo

Stage Name: Baro

Position: Main Rapper

Blood Type: B

Height: 178CM (5 Feet 10 Inches)

Weight: 63KG (138 Pounds)

Birthday: September 5, 1992

Star Sign: Virgo

Fun facts:

– When he was trainee he approached U-Know Yunho for an autograph and on the autography U-know wrote “Let’s meet on stage in 2 Years’ time” and Yunho actually remembers Baro
– He’s the mood maker of the group
– He’s afraid of ghosts
– Likes to run
– It’s hard for him to wake up early


Birth Name: Gong Chan Shik

Stage Name: Gongchan

Position: Vocalist, Maknae, Face of The Group

Birthday: August 14, 1993

Blood Type: A

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Star Sign: Leo

Fun facts:

– During B1A4’s debut stage’s rehearsal he fell on his butt
– He spent most of his school life as a trainee
– His first recording didn’t come out as well as it did when he practiced because he was very nervous
– Getting up in the morning is the most difficult time for him
– He likes to read French novels
– Good with fan service
– He has never had a girlfriend
– He’s scared of heights
– He is the best in Math
– Loves swimming


August 6 2013

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