Beast / B2ST profiles


BEAST or B2ST (비스트)
Stands for: Boys of the East Standing Tall or Boys to Search for Top
Entertainment Company: Cube Entertainment
Debut: October 16, 2009
Fan Club: B2UTY
Fan Color: Dark Gray

Birth Name: Yoon Doo Joon (윤두준)

Stage Name: Dujun  (두준)

Birthday: July 4, 1989

Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Soccer

Specialty: Soccer

Height: 178CM (5 Feet 10 Inches)

Weight: 66KG (145 Pounds)

Education: Dongshin University

Fun facts:
– He was born in Goyang, South Korea
– He is a former JYP Entertainment and was almost a member of either 2AM or 2PM but he was eliminated
– He once won an award for his neat handwriting
– He was ranked top as the male celebrity with a good body figure
– He does not believe in quitting after a failure
– When the comedy MV version of Mystery came out, people praised him for his skill as an actor
– Big Bang inspired him to become a singer
– He won third place in JYP audition


Birth Name: Jang Hyun Seung  (장현승)

Stage Name: Hyunseung (현승)

Birthday: September 3, 1989

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Blood Type: B

Hobby: Singing

Specialty: Dancing

Height:176CM (5 Feet 9 Inches)

Weight: 58KG (127 Pounds)

Education: Dongshin University

Fun facts
– He was born in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
– He is a former YG trainee, and he was supposed to debut with BIGBANG, but he was dropped by the record label
– He is in the group Trouble Maker along with fellow label mate HyunA of 4Minute
– He likes attention from fans
– He likes junk food
– During their debut days the member’s mission was to make Hyunseung gain wait
– He speaks with eye contact with his fans
– If you meet him in the waiting room he’s always eating something
– He likes to wear scarves and neckwear
– He loves to mix-match classic and sporty clothes together
– He said he could entrust Yoseob with his younger sister since Yoseob has the least interactions with women
– Seo Taji and Boys inspired him to become a singer
– He wanted to get a tattoo when Jun Hyung was getting his but the company wouldn’t allow him
– When he is stressed he wants to be left alone
– He thinks Doo Joon is very charismatic

Birth Name: Yong Jun Hyung (용준형)

Stage Name: Junhyung (준형)

Nicknames: Joker, Poppin’ Dragon

Birthday: December 19, 1989

Position: Main Rapper

Blood Type: O

Hobby: Song composition

Specialty: Writing lyrics

Height: 178CM (5 Feet 10 Inches)

Weight: 64KG (141 Pounds)

Education: Dongshin University

Fun facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea
– He was once a member of boy band “XING”
– He has been featured on many songs such as HyunA’s “Change”, G.NA’s “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better”, Young Jee’s “Crazy, That’s What Love Is”, Navi’s “Go Again”, and Wheesung’s “Words That Freeze My Heart”
– Each member has a different color toothbrush so he likes to rearrange them according to the rainbow
– He makes sure there is enough shampoo to be used weekly and makes sure they never run out of shaving cream
– Second laziest to get out of bed
– He looks up to G-Dragon the most
– He always wants to be with the members, was said that he can’t be separated from them for more than a week
– He originally specialized in B-Boy but after dislocating his shoulders the 3rd time he switched to popping
– Instead of singing in the shower, he raps
– He nags while he cleans
– He’s the member that hates losing the most
– He composes the raps parts in some of their songs and composed the song “Freeze” on their first album


Birth Name: Yang Yo Seob (양요섭)

Stage Name: Yoseob (요섭)

Birthday: January 5, 1990

Position: Main Vocalist

Blood Type: B

Hobby: Drumming

Specialty: Singing by sweet voice

Height: 170CM (5 Feet 6 Inches)

Weight: 57KG (125 Pounds)

Education: Dong-Ah Institute of Media & Arts

Fun facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea
– He is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment and M Boat Entertainment
– He is a high school friend of Kikwang
– He is a former back up dancer for Kikwang
– He did a song with B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk called “I Remember”
– He has a habit of beat boxing while sleeping
– He use to wake up Junhyun by standing by his bed, singing and dancing to Hyunah’s song “Change”
– During primary school his parents were called to school has he exposed the fact that his teacher was wearing a wig
– When he was about to fall down on stage he grabbed Doo Joon’s pants, pulling them down and revealing his underwear
– He likes to act like the maknae
– He was in a metal band in High School


Birth Name: Lee Gi Kwang (이기광)

Stage Name: Gikwang (기광)

Birthday: March 30, 1990

Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of The Group

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Song composition

Specialty: Singing, dancing

Height: 170.8CM (5 Feet 7 Inches)

Weight: 58KG (127 Pounds)

Education: Dongshin University

Fun facts:
– He first debuted as a solo singer and went by the name AJ, he was known as the next Rain
– In 2009 he opened up for Lady Gaga at her Korean showcase
– He is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment
– He was in A Pink’s MV “I Don’t Know”
– He was in Ailee’s debut MV “Heaven”
– The members told him not to do any adlibs and instead rip his clothes on stage
– He is allergic to seafood
– He jokes around saying he wants to marry Hyunseung
– He is the most gullible
– He won a poll in “Which star’s short figure is the most charming”


Birth Name: Son Dong Woon (손동운)

Stage Name: Dongwoon (동운)

Birthday: June 6, 1991

Position: Vocalist, Maknae

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Collecting figure

Specialty: Writing lyrics

Height: 181CM (5 Feet 11 Inches)

Weight: 64KG (141 Pounds)

Education: Konkuk University

instruments: Piano, violin, electric flute

Fun facts:
– He was born in Busan, South Korea
– He can speak Korean, English, and Chinese
– He is a former JYP Entertainment trainee
– He was the last member to be added to BEAST
– Teased jokingly by fans for looking Thai
– Ideal type is a girl with naturally long hair and a compatible personality
– Friends with Mir (MBLAQ) and Key (SHINee) and the rest of the 91 Line
– Was the mood maker of his class
– He carries around his fan letters
– He likes to read a lot
– His hero is his dad and Wolverine
– He’s a big fan of Once Piece’s Chopper
– He has a low self-esteem even though he calls himself “Male God”
– He says he is the captain of the 91 Line but he gets bullied around a lot and treated like a baby
– He’s very clumsy
– Despite his appearances he is pretty immature and silly
– He’s a big fan on Wheesung and he was the one who inspired Dongwoon to become an idol
– He was chosen as the member who has the best relationship with everyone
– Admitted he felt like he is the loneliest member in the group


August, 14 2013


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